Monday, December 16, 2019




ZAPINAMO ZAPSPOT is an ingenious interpretation of the traditional charge point.

Although most of the existing charge points located on the pavement by the edge of a parking bay are of very low power, and therefore take an age to put energy into the EV, the ZAPSPOT conveniently adapts the slow feed into a rapid one and can multiple EVs simultaneously.

An outstanding feature of the ZAPSPOT is that it can utilise ‘dead space’ in the periphery or corner of car-parks to feed adjacent bays.

It all depends what is supplying the existing point, but essentially the ZAPSPOT enables a slow 7kW fed electricity point to become 50kW rapid charge point practically overnight.

This is a revolutionary development in the EV charging world, as you normally need a 50kW feed for a 50kW charge. Unless you utilise ZAPINAMO technology which is all set to free Local Authorities from slow charging mayhem.

Consider this. The adoption rate of EVs is almost as fast as it was for mobile phones.

In the early 1990’s, when large batteries had to be carried to support the highly expensive handsets and set up costs, mobile phones were seen as rare luxury items and mostly tethered in cars, until 10 years passed with countless iterations, miniaturisation and network development that broke through and mass adoption really kicked in.

We are seeing that upbeat rhythm now, with beautifully designed vehicles and decreasing battery costs.

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