Saturday, September 19, 2020




Back in 2014, before we were called ZAPINAMO, the founders recognised that Electric Vehicles [EVs] were about to take a quantum leap into the transport and automotive industry disrupting the paradigm of internal combustion engines in this global marketplace. And as they explored further and further into the possibilities of what change this would bring, a number of ideas and concepts surfaced as the realisation that limited infrastructure and the speed with which it could be rolled out would be an enormous issue. And what if the Grid couldn’t meet the demand? Well, the rest is kind of history. Dieselgate took hold, things became urgent.

We developed the concept of supplying EVs with stored energy, but not just battery to battery refuelling, but the concept of having a reservoir of energy that could be released through a sophisticated power electronic process at very high speed and anywhere we needed to do it, including off-grid of course. We loved the idea of harvesting solar and wind power to propel cars and vans. We knew that the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow every day but felt that the relative technologies would improve just as battery chemistries will and of course people’s attitudes do too.

So we pushed on and collected more and more convincing evidence showing that there was not only a solid idea but also a very real opportunity in a fast developing market, and so in January 2015, we formed ZAPINAMO.

Pronounced ZAP IN A MO – not like an Italian racing car as some have tried.

However, some of the principles of Italian racing car design, technical development, workshop-style and ethics have stayed along our product development process and through private investment and winning some excellent Grant opportunities from INNOVATE UK, we are now in a capable position of rapid growth.

Furthermore, to support our original thinking, the Government has confirmed its ambition to see at least half of all new cars and vans to be ultra-low emission by 2030 as part of plans to make the UK the best place in the world to build or use an electric vehicle.

The proposals are outlined in the Road to Zero Strategy, which sets out plans to enable a massive expansion of green infrastructure across the country, reduce emissions from the vehicles already on the UK’s roads, and drive the uptake of zero-emission cars, vans and trucks. To enable this the underlying route to mass adoption of EVs will undoubtedly need a massive uplift in the accessibility of charge points carrying enough power to allow people to charge their EV when and where they need to, and at what speed they want.

To support the Road to Zero and former Go Ultra Low strategy, ZAPINAMO has created world-leading innovations in ‘Power Boosting’ energy to provide a more effective and faster delivery of electrons to EVs at home, at work, at retail parks and right at the point of need.

The Government has supported our Research and Development with Grants and a Contract to develop the ‘First of it’s Kind’ in world-leading EV Charging technology which can provide Ultrafast Charging completely off-grid from renewable energy. This is fully in place at Heathrow Airport at the Authorised Vehicle Area for Private Hire Drivers, where ZAPINAMO can charge 20 EVs all at varying speeds and vehicle types from a supply which could only support one 50kW charge point in normal circumstances. The uptake at Heathrow is fantastic with drivers utilising the facility on a growing weekly basis and seeing the gradual change of the 3,000 daily users to become EVs with zero tailpipe and zero emissions. All of which is helping clean the air, reducing pollution levels and creating a better environment. 

The result is the basis of all ZAPINAMO powerful innovations. The basis for a healthier, cleaner and sustainable environment with lots of EVs to help us get around and get things done.

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