Saturday, September 19, 2020


The ZapStore – EV Charging Solutions with Grid Freedom

Meet the ZapStore – the most advanced rapid EV charging station in the UK.


Specifically designed to support a high turnover of charging events, even in areas with limited grid capacity, the ZapStore is the ultimate solution in supporting business facilities, airports and public spaces alike cope with the electrification of our everyday vehicles.

The ZapStore installation takes a 3-phase 100kVA grid feed and can provide up to 500kW output through an isolated AC microgrid fed at high power by stored battery energy, conditioned by bespoke inverters and managed by a cutting-edge control system.

Multiple ZapStores can even work together to create a larger microgrid, ensuring a future-proofed infrastructure as demand patterns increase. 

This technology ensures even grid constrained facilities can support the rise of electric vehicle uptake. 

Key Features

This ZapStore allows up to 12 EVs to charge simultaneously from the microgrid at speeds of up to 90kW, the fastest that any EV in use today can take. This rapid charging capability is available for up to 12 vehicles to use simultaneously via a choice of 14 charging connectors. The system supports connection to all EV types currently available in Europe.

All major EV charging protocols are catered for:

  • CCS connections up to 90kW (upgradable to 150kW)
  • CHAdeMO connections up to 50kW
  • AC Type 2 up to 43kW

The ZapStore at Heathrow Airport

Back in 2016/17, Heathrow publicly committed to a high-profile air-quality policy entitled Heathrow 2.0,  a strategy for sustainable growth.

As part of this strategy, ZAPINAMO won a UK government contract to develop and trial a ground-breaking high-power multi-vehicle EV charging installation at the airport. This project ran from 2016 to April 2019.

Located at Heathrow’s Authorised Vehicle Area, our ZapStore supported the charge of registered Private Hire Vehicles daily, further encouraging the #SwitchToEletcric movement.

Hailed as a revolutionary solution to the starved grid capacity at the airport, the project enabled many more EVs to be brought in to service sooner than expected, helping Heathrow to transform their 7,500 vehicle fleet to EVs by 2020 and effectively tackle major air pollution issues. We even won Heathrow’s Clean Vehicles Partnership Innovator and Clean Vehicles Partnership Champion award for 2018.

All in all, there’s a ZAPINAMO solution for every issue the lack of supply can bring. Pop us an e-mail at or get in contact with us today via our website to see how we can support your fleet operations. 


ZAPSTORE are already installed, tested and fully operational at Heathrow Airport.




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