Monday, December 16, 2019




We’ve packed in a load of R&D into the development of our core modular system. We know it does a great job delivering the heavy lifting it was designed to do.

So much so, the elite power electronics system and integrated dynamic controls within the ZAPSTORE are already installed, tested and fully operational at Heathrow Airport. This is ZAPSTORE territory. An EV charging station at Heathrow’s Authorised Vehicle Area [AVA] operates an 800 vehicle capacity car park with over 3,500 registered Private Hire Vehicles daily. With the encouragement to switch to electric.

The charging station can charge 20 EVs simultaneously at speeds of up to 150 kW: 12 using rapid and ultra-rapid connectors plus 8 hybrid EVs which can charge at conventional speeds.

All major EV charging protocols are catered for:
– Chademo [DC UP TO 50 kW – for all Japanese, most Korean EVs & Tesla via adapter]
– CCS [DC UP TO 150 kW – for rapid charging of all European and US derived models + Tesla Model 3 Europe]
– Type 2 [AC UP TO 43 kW – to cater for Renault, hybrids & Tesla]

Hailed as a revolutionary solution to the starved grid capacity on the airport apron enabling many more EVs to be brought in to service sooner than expected, helping Heathrow to transform their 7,500 vehicle fleet to EVs by 2020 and effectively tackle major air pollution issues. We just won their Champion of Sustainability Award for Innovation in emissions reductions.

All in all, there’s a ZAPINAMO solution for every issue the lack of supply can bring. Give us a call or ‘Ask EVIE’ on the Chatbox we’ll get the answer to you as soon as we can. 

ZAPSTORE are already installed, tested and fully operational at Heathrow Airport.




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